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NOTE: It has been a long time since I’ve checked, edited, or added to this list.  There are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many blogs I need to add to it.  Feel more than free to leave a comment suggesting one or more, including your own.

Image found from the linked site which deals with Ritalin, but I thought the photo worked just as well for ASD as it does for ADHD.

Here I am attempting to compile an ever-growing resource list of ASD-related blogs.  I have subcategorized them into blogs by adult Autists, adolescent Autists, adult Autists raising Autistic kids, and “NeuroTypical” adults raising Autistic Kids — beyond that, they are in no particular order.  I am not responsible for any of their content, nor specifically endorsing any of it.  I am merely offering a collection of sources for perspectives other than my own.  Please leave a comment if I have miscategorized anything, or if you have any suggestions for blogs not yet listed here.  Also, please know that all matching of blogs, Twitter identities, names and locations is based on information made publically available.


Autism Blog Archives

Autistic Adults


Autistic Adults Raising Autistic Kids


“NeuroTypical” (non-Autistic) Adults Raising Autistic Kids

Autistic Adolescents


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