A first experience dying Easter eggs

About a week before Easter, we had a couple of “narrow escapes” on behalf of the fact that Ash felt the need to “check” the eggs in the fridge, “To see if they were ready to be dyed for Easter yet.”  Obviously, he was going to have his first experience dying Easter Eggs this year, and that was that.  Naturally, this became a complicated thing for me, as much because I’m me, as because he’s him.  I didn’t have time to seek out a non-perishable alternative that could be decorated in the same way (yes, I know there are many ways to decorate eggs, but he wanted to try DYING them), the smell of hard-boiled eggs has always been an immediate and severe gag trigger for me, and I also really, really, reaaaaalllllllllly was hoping to be able to keep Ash’s first-ever Easter Eggs, too.  So, I taught myself how to blow-out eggs, and practiced until I was confident that I could do it without breaking them.  (In the end, with the help of a thumbtack to make the holes and a nasal bulb for the blowing, I could have an egg sitting on our drying rack in about 2 minutes.)  Since Ash would want to share the activity with us, Steffan and I could dye the eggs that had already been blown out — since we are more capable of handling them without breaking them — and Ash would dye the at-least-significantly-less-fragile raw eggs, and I’d blow them out afterwards.  It’s not as if we wouldn’t be right there on hand to help anyway, so that would be good enough when it came to any potential mishaps with the raw eggs.

The evening before Easter, Ash got his chance…

I showed Ash more or less how these things work, and then he gave it a go by himself.

I had actually put him in one of his plentiful white undershirts, intentionally, just to find out how much dye ended up on it. Can you believe that it remained completely white?!












Ok, so we were a little surprised that we didn't have any broken raw egg emergencies.

A watched egg never dyes?










Waiting for eggs to get to the color you want, is haaarrrrrddddd!

After a little while, Ash no longer had the motor control to handle things by himself, so he "helped" me follow his instructions when it came to what to do with the eggs.












These were Ash's eggs, drying a bit after their first round of being colored. Note that he decided to make them all various shades of blue, green, and purple.

This was the first egg that was almost completely done.












The following are the eggs that Ash made this year — with a little motor help, but no artistic guidance — his first-ever dyed Easter Eggs.  Are they not GORGEOUS?!  I am so glad I planned things so that they could become keepsakes.  At this point I just have to find my spray-shellac, give them a few coats, and then use bead caps over the ends to protect the holes from being snagged and chipping further.  They did lose some of their vibrancy because of having to be blown-out AFTER being dyed, unfortunately.  It wasn’t being cleaned/rinsed that did it, it was stray egg that got on the shell while being blown.  You know how being “egged” is horrible for cars, houses, etc?  Well, that’s because egg is pretty darn good at stripping surface coloring.  :-P   I’d forgotten about that.  Next year, perhaps I’ll experiment with shellacking the dried, dyed eggs BEFORE blowing them out.

Blue/Green/Purple Egg -- View 1

Blue/Green/Purple Egg -- View 2











Blue/Green/Purple Egg -- View 3

Blue Marbly Egg -- View 1

Blue Marbly Egg -- View 2











Blue Marbly Egg -- View 3

This one was a really rich, mossy, loamy, forest-shadows green, before it faded.


This one had a kind of turquoise/green/yellow ombre fade thing going.











This one reminded me of a piece of turquoise.

This one....was just sort of Robin's-Egg-Blue. Ash had run out of spoons for involved dye jobs, so a blue egg was good enough for him!












The morning after Easter, Ash told me that he’d dreamed about dying eggs.  I guess this tradition is a keeper.  ;-)

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  1. Cool…they look like exotic dinosaur eggs!
    The Animated Woman´s last blog post ..Growing PAINS.

  2. Karin says:

    pretty good for a first try! And yikes, I’ve never even handled blown out eggs before lol. Maybe next year you can try doing other dyes? I’m sure he’d get a kick out of making prints on the eggs, too. Also, supposedly it helps to use a whisk instead of a spoon. Might help him, considering his motor skills?
    Karin´s last blog post ..In With the New

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